About OMG

The OMG program is designed to facilitate exchange studies at select colleges and universities in India (for university students in Ontario), and partner universities in Ontario (for university students in Maharashtra and Goa), in all disciplines and at all degree levels of undergraduate and graduate studies.

Four exchange programs are available:

Study India Program (SIP): A 4 week immersion program in August and January, with lectures, workshops, site visits. 45 lecture hours, 3 credits.(For Ontario students only)

Engineering Externship Program: A 8 to 12 weeks program in the summer for applied and industrial desgn / research projects in Chemical and Mechanical  Engineering (other  engineering disciplines may be available on request).  The program is hosted by Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT), Pune India. (For Ontario students only)

Regular Semester Program: You can choose from courses offered at partner colleges and universities during Semester I or II or both. (For both Ontario, and Maharashtra, Goa students)

Sort Term Research Program:  For short (minimum 8 weeks) visits to work on a design, laboratory or field research with a professor at one of the OMG partner colleges or universities.  It is suggested that the student consult with his/her professor at the Home University to link up with a professor at one of the OMG partner institutions. An acceptance letter from a professor at the Host college or university is a requirement. (For both Ontario and Maharashtra, Goa students) 

For participating colleges and universities in Maharashtra and Goa please click here.

For participating universities in Ontario please click here.

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The Ontario Maharashtra Goa (OMG) Student Exchange Program was established in 2007 by the  Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU), Government of Ontario, and a consortium of Ontario universities as an initiative for the development of postsecondary educational linkages between the Province of Ontario and Maharashtra State and Goa State in India, with the aim of promoting, through institutional cooperation, the reciprocal flow of knowledge.